girls girls girls

I will be preoccupied for the next few days. Ca (the boys' godmother) and Kristen (a mutual friend) are coming from Durango tomorrow. They will spend three days here, and then drive to Michigan, and then Ca will hop a plane for Costa Rica where she will teach for one school year.

She was going to be with me in the hospital when the baby comes, but alas, the beach calls. She has a great private tutoring job lined up with a family she really likes. And 9 months of speaking only Spanish is quite appealing to her.

I will miss her terribly.

We are having a going away party on Tuesday for her. I imagine there will be some great drunken pictures to post on Wednesday.

Here are some pictures taken the last time we were all three together, more than 2 years ago. It was the last vacation I took without the boys.