war thoughts at 8 am...

Over at Wizbang they're talking about the war. More specifically, the hypothetical what-if-we-hadn't-invaded-Iraq.

A while ago I got more and more tired of hearing the same old canard -- "the war is wrong," "we never should have invaded Iraq," and so on. I decided to do something about it.
So, the anti-war movement says the war in Iraq was wrong, that we never should have invaded. OK, fine. Let's see how that plays out:

I make no secret about being against this war. But like a naughty little liberal, I feel guilty about it. I want to agree with it. I just can't. I truly fall victim to the why can't we all just get along idea. I don't think I could support any war. It's just not in me.

But here's my point...I think I am too harsh to say that I don't support the war. It was inevitable. There was no way to go into Afghanistan and not end up in Iraq, not at least without another attack on our soil. We'd have been a big dumb country to try. I bet we'll have to go into Iran soon for the same reason. My problem merely lies in how the going in was presented to us as a nation. I feel like we got taken for a ride by the very people charged with serving us and protecting us. They played on our fears because they didn't have the faith in us to be straight with us. If someone had said, "Hey look. We have to go to Afghanistan. Saddam maybe didn't help with 9-11 directly, but he's up to his ears in terrorism. We'd really like your support in going after him while we're at it, just to be sure", I'd have had no problems with it. I just wish they'd been straight with us. Honesty would have gotten them a lot further than WMD's did.