my little baby....

Can ride a bike with no training wheels! He decided on July 5th that he was all done with them. His dad worked with him for an hour or so, and he got it. Today, I taught him how to push off by himself. That also took about an hour. I am so proud I could spit.

He kept tipping over. He rode way over to the right with the training wheels on. My husband couldn't figure out how to explain to him that he wasn't sitting straight, so finally he just said, "Look. You have to keep you booty crack in the middle of the seat all the time." Well folks, he got that! No more tipping over. And we get to hear a five year old say booty crack a lot, which is nice.

Anyway...I had to gush. I am really stupidly proud.

We never got to teach B to ride. He started on a two wheel bike with training wheels at 2 (yes 2, I'm not making that up) and didn't need the training wheels by 3. When we took them off, he just rode. He never once fell. That kid was born with perfect balance. But we had already known that, he walked (no, ran) at 8 months for Christ's sake. So teaching T was a treat in itself.

Did I mention how proud I am?