the 4th

Normally, we would find something grand to do on the 4th. Last year, we sat on the roof which gave us more or less front row seats to Cherry Creek Country Club's fireworks display. This is a club whose website is members can believe the fireworks were great. The year before we went to Mile High Stadium (throw Invesco somewhere in that title) for the soccer game and following fireworks show. It was incredible. This year, however, having just returned from a strenuous road trip, we really didn't feel like doing anything (nor did we get any great offers to join anyone else). So we didn't. We stayed home. I cooked a monstrous dinner and made 3 desserts. We pigged out. We drank coffee at twighlight. It was nice.

I feel the need to mention that our po-dunk little cow-town of a metropolis does not think we are capable of handling fire yet, and so all fireworks (ALL fireworks) are banned, unless lit by professionals. So we did not, I repeat did NOT, do any of the following...

We did not light sparklers for the boys.

We did not light a ton of other assorted fireworks (fountains only for safeties sake).

We did not then walk around the neighborhood looking at all the other illegal fireworks.

We are fine, upstanding citizens and would never do such things.

But it sure was fun. I have never lit fireworks before. It's nifty. I can't wait to not do it next year!