is it moral to teach a 4th grader poker?

I really want to. And I think I just got my chance.

My neighbor and friend is the head of the enrichment program at our kids' school. I have offered to help her out. We have decided to skip the during-the-school-day programs and just focus on a few, well run after school activities. (Of course, someone disagreed with us and immediately formed a separate committee to run during school stuff, but at least it's not on our plates.)

So far, we have Spanish, basketball, a three part science club, Destination Imagination, and a possible hip hop and/or Irish Step Dance group. Let me just state that we do not have River dance fever; it just so happens that three of the top ranked Irish Step Dancers hail from our dear elementary, and are all about giving back.

I originally wanted to organize a chess club, since my son, Brainy Smurf, loves chess so. But after close consideration I decided that maybe just chess wouldn't be such a hot thing at our school, and thought that it might be fun to have a game club. One where we play games like Battleship, Sorry, Yatzee and Scrabble. Games that teach something while being fun. I thought that maybe we could finish it off with a couple days of just chess, just to see how it goes. So I ran it by my friend, and she loved the idea. So she ran it by some other people, and they love the idea.

So it looks like we're going to do it. Correction....I am going to do it. I am excited because it will be
a) the only activity under $10 a kid (I'm pushing for $5) and
b) the only none sport activity strictly for grades 3 and up, excepting a few 2nd graders who I know can spell and add at a 3rd grade level already.