kid stuff

B and T have a schoolmate who has brain cancer. She is in the 3rd grade. She just had a rather large operation to remove what they thought was 60-ish% of her tumor, and it turns out that they only took 10-15%. This, of course, means it grew. A lot. It's a devastating blow.

Her family, needless to say, is struggling emotionally and financially.

We have set up savings accounts for friends and schoolmates to make donations to the family through the school. At our annual school yard sale, we will be accepting donations as well.

B and I are in charge of the lemonade stand at the yard sale, of which all money earned will go straight to her family. Some classmates are going to help him sell the lemonade. They all seem excited to be able to help in some way.

After a great bout of baking last night, B had the idea to bake some treats to sell as well, hopefully making more money for the girl's family. I think this is a wonderful idea. So, next Thursday at our house, we are having a baking party. He has invited 9 friends who all know this little girl to come over and bake their little butts off. They will make quick breads, brownies, cookies and bars. The kids will sell them on Friday and Saturday. And they will help their friend.
And I will be wickedly proud of them all.