Birthday Volume One

27 years ago, in his parents' car, a baby boy was born.

25 years later I saw him walking with a good book and made a comment about it. 2 years later he is one of my favorite people.

In 6 weeks he will be my daughter's godfather. I'm guessing she's going to worship him a little--just like my boys already do.

I thought I'd rattle on about how much I love him and how he flipped my whole world upside down, shook it a little, and left me forever changed. I thought I might list the hundreds of amazing things about him. I might tell stories about how bad we can fight, and how hard we can laugh.

But that's really all personal goo, and so I'll just offer some of my favorite things about him. Simply for my own edification. Feel free to go read something more interesting elsewhere...

I love you for your paper shredder, your mom, dad, and sister whom you've so kindly shared with me, for the way you love my kids, and my dog, for the books you read, crosswords, tequila, lost keys, because you're afraid of spiders too, late nights in hospitals, late nights in bars, for always walking me to my car, for Sharon, water squirter fights, coffee, oil changes, talking fish, singing dogs, xbox, because you have way more piercings than you look like you should have, for being the subject of one of my favorite pictures, kip, capers at 3 in the morning, because we can talk, because you can listen, for upgrading your phone with the exact same phone, for being the exact opposite of me in almost every way, for being at the same time freakishly similar....

You get the point. And I think half of that falls under the "being an f*ing virgo" category. Thanks for making me like virgos.

Happy birthday baby!