It's Still Summer Vacation, For Christ's Sake

Ahh, summer is almost over. How do I know? My phone, which has rang all of 5 times this summer, now ring three times a day with PTA questions. My email box, which contains the same three emails every day (horoscope, AWAD, and NY Times) now contains 15 emails every time I check it. School is upon us. I am doing a lot in the beginning so that I can do nothing in the middle, when the baby first comes. We are already knee deep into two fund raisers, a community yard sale being held the last weekend in August, and a school supply one, which I am the head of. Basically, we purchase your kids supplies, bundle them, and deliver them to the teachers before school begins. All you have to do is by the backpack and show up on day one. We charge a flat rate per grade, and in that raise a few hundred dollars for the school.

This is a huge undertaking.

We are also dealing with the Lights on After School grant for enrichment programs, and wow is that a biggy. We have 3 weeks to get that done. There is also the emergency meeting tonight about whether to keep a grade 2-3 class, or have 2 2nd grade classes. We are actually full in the 2nd grade right now. This is awesome for our school. Tomorrow night is my new parent PTA margarita party. I cannot look at the same 15 parents again this year. We need fresh blood. So I have invited all the new parents I could get ahold of over for cookies and cocktails. Hopefully some of them will join the PTA. At the least, all of them will see a familiar face or two on day one.