coming out of the haze

My oldest gave me a lovely little gift 2 days ago...a nasty ass cold. It's really nice since I'm 8 1/2 mos. pregnant and can't take anything.

Anyway, I can see straight now and had some time to go through the Carnival over at Edwonk's. Two links caught my attention.

The first is a post at What It's Like on the Inside about over-involved parents. I struggle with this one. I really want to be the involved, PTA mom. I think it sets a great example for my kids, one that says 'I take your schooling seriously. Please do the same.' I want to help the teachers out in any way that I can. But I cannot find a reason to be in the kids classrooms. I don't think it helps them at all, but merely distracts them. T's teachers did not allow in-class volunteers for the first month of school, so that the kids could acclimate. Now the calendar is being sent home with times available for volunteering. I pulled his teacher aside the other day and explained to her that I don't feel like I have any business interrupting my son's school day by showing up in his class. I told her how happy I would be to do anything she needed done (like stuffing folders), and I would be pleased as punch to come in and read the kids a book, but I don't want to loiter about the classroom. So far, I am the only mom I know not volunteering in the class. Maybe I'm wrong. But it just doesn't seem like my place.

The other post is at Polski3's View From Here. I read it a few days ago and meant to post something about it, but alas, 8 mos. pregnant = forgetful. He links to a list from the San Diego Union-Tribune that is a top-ten list for students. I printed it out and hung it on the fridge for the boys to read. Some of the key ones in my mind are:
1. Know you are important.
6. Every day, share something you've learned with
someone at home.
9. Volunteer in your community; being involved will make
you a better citizen and a better student.

He also shares a list the same people came up with for parents. Some pointers include:

* Know the curriculum being taught. If you don't know or have questions, ask the
* Be supportative of learning. Show your children that you love
to learn
* Keep many good books in your home. Make a place in your home for
reading. Turn off the TV and make quiet time for reading. Take your children to
the library and bookstores.

I think I'll print it off and hand it out at our PTA meeting tomorrow.