Pop Fiction

I am determined to read one Harry Potter book all the way through in this lifetime. I have tried before, with very little success. It's not that I'm not interested, and god knows I love the movies. I just seem to hit a wall every time I start a book, and that wall usually pops up around page 3.

B had library last week, and checked out the Half Blood Prince book. He is attempted to read it himself, and doing a dang good job I might add. But, of course, he's getting discouraged. It's a big ass book with a lot of made-up words. It's tough. So I agreed to read him one chapter every other night, and that leaves every other night open for a book of his choice (last night was Salamaders. The kid loves non-fiction).

I am proud to say that I have now official read more H.P. than ever before in my history. Chapter One, down. And T fell asleep on my lap while I read. How beautiful is that?