cookies and cocktails

Well, last night was the PTA margarita party. I must say that it went beautifully. Being the first PTA meeting to involve booze, I was a bit nervous. But, at the end of the night, all of the tequila was gone and only 4 cups of coffee were. That's a good good thing. Of course, the idea was to have new parents come, and only 2 new families did, but they both made some new friends and their children now have a familiar face or two to see on the first day.

The interesting thing to me is that half of the people on our PTA take it very seriously, enough so that it's all I've ever talked to them about. Put a marg in them and that all changes. For the first time, I know something about these people personally. One mom, I had never seen smile before. I saw her laugh last night. I love to see people laugh. I hope it catches on.