3 reasons why I hate having a mother in law

  • Yesterday, we were discussing the fact that I will be in the hospital a bit longer than expected so I can get my tubes tied. She asked why I'm doing it, as she thought J was, and after I answered her she said, "Well, that's good. You know, in case you ever have an affair or anything, you'll be covered."
  • She has asked me to ask my doctor to do whatever she can to postpone my going into labor until she gets back from vacation, which she has scheduled the week I'm due.
  • I was discussing with the boys where they would be going while I'm in the hospital, and told B that he gets to hang out with his god-father also (he thought only T was going to), and Grandma looks at me, then B, and with her most annoyed voice says, "I'm really feeling left out of all of this."