So it's a little after 8, and the boys are getting ready for bed. Teeth have been brushed, jammies are going on. B gets ready first, so we start picking out a book while T finishes getting dressed, which he does and then climbs into bed. By the time I get to him, he is under the blankets and ready for a kiss.

Every night he dictates exactly what sort of pre-sleep affection he will be requiring for the evening. Tonight it was the standard kiss and a hug (not to be confused with a hug and a kiss--a whole different matter entirely), with a raspberry on the neck thrown on the end. So he gets his kiss, then hug, and as I go in for the raspberry, he holds his finger up and tells me to hang on. You know, that little "wait a minute" sign. At least I think that's what he's doing with his finger pointed up. I ask what's up and he says, "I have this boogie stuck on my finger". (shows said boogie to me) "Hold on, I have to put it back."

And yes, folks, he put it back. Right back where he found it. Somewhere half way up his nostril.