*I, personally, think there is ample blame to go around. No one involved is innocent in this disater. I just don't think now is the time for it. There are too many people let to save.*

I read a few very interesting comments on a blog today trying to defend the WH administration's role in the continuing disater.

1) No one in this country is "too poor" to put together a small store of food and water for an emergency. A gallon of water is less than a dollar, peanut butter is cheap, and crackers are cheap-even a box of cereal can last a while.

I hate to tell her, yes some people are. Some people can't feed their children every day, let alone save food for an emergency. Some people's assumptions drive me flipping crazy.

2) You should find out just how expensive helicopters are to purchase, maintain, crew, and fuel, before you shoot off your mouths. There aren't enough helicoptors to do all the evacuations and freight-hauling and people-hauling that need to be done.

Are we seriously supposed to put a price tag on saving American lives? We certainly haven't put on on saving Iraqi lives.

3) History will point the well-deserved finger of Blame squarely at the Mayor of New Orleans;

and blah blah blah on it went blaming this guy who was a little busy riding out a cat. 4 hurricane. Do people forget that he lives there? Maybe he was a bit thirsty, too. Blame him for not ordering his police to shoot looters? His police were busy trying to survive. (and some were looting themselves)