a little tweaking

My husband and I have reached an impasse on this one, and I need some advice.

I chose the baby's name, and told him flat out to not even bother arguing with me about it. After all, it is all his fault. He did this to me, and the least he can do is let me pick the name. He conceded that point (good boy!), but we don't quite agree on the spelling.

He wants Lilly, I want Lily.

Here's my argument. My name has the same letter 3 times in it. Shannon. As a kid, I hated it. It's a pain in the ass to write "nn" in cursive. I still don't do it. If you look closely at my signature, you will read Shanon.

Lilly in cursive is just a bunch of swirls. It's hard to write. Try it.

The problems I'm having are these: 1) I didn't let him help pick the name, and he's pouting. 2) His mother is also pushing for 2 l's. The mother-in-law battle may be worse than the one with him.

So I was hoping that maybe some of the people who actually bother to read this might be able to help me out. Am I wrong? What do you think? Which way should I spell it? No pressure, but I have only 35 days left to decide.