Corky, PLEASE don't read this post!!!

I am a terrible mother and have never once taken my children to the dentist. Until today. There is no reason for it; I have decent dental insurance and none of the fears or anxieties many people have about dental work. I just have not gotten around to it. Bad, evil, naughty Zeut mom.

Today, I righted that wrong. We went. The boys were super excited (I am great at talking up doctors), and I was braced for the verbal lashing I deserved from the dentist. I was also quite prepared for a mouth full of cavities and some emergency orthodonture. So you can imagine my surprise when I was greeted with courtesy, treated very kindly, and told that my two boys have some fine-looking teeth (to my credit, I am kind of a Nazi with the brushing and the flossing and the fluoride rinsing and the using mouthwash). The doctor was surprised that they had never been seen before.

B has one cavity, and T has two. They are all in between two teeth (J says that's how everyone in his family gets cavities), and so the dentist has recommended capping them. I am a little leery of putting metal in their mouths, but I talked at length with the dentist, we weighed all the options and caps seem the best route.

So that's that. I will never again skip a dental appointment, I promise. Otherwise, I am a fantastic mother. Really, I am!