holy eerie, batman

So, I wrote this big old sappy post about the things that make me happy. You know, just to put it out there. For future reference and shit. And that very same day, by some odd twist of fate, Molly stops by my bar, Andy sends me a cute funny email, Chris CALLS me, and Hannah, the great Izzi immancipator, Hannah emails me a long ass email complete with pictures of my old mangy mutt. God damn it, I miss that dog. But not nearly as much as I miss Hannah.

To top it all off, my friend Terry and I managed to close Nallen's, which is the greatest bar in all the land, in case you were wondering, and walk away (almost) sober.

Oh, happy day.

Tomorrow: a lovely post about making out and the first snowfall of the year.


And then...and THEN.. I go and read Sarah's f'ing blog and she kind of said every single little thing that has gone through my head today.

Sarah, how the hell have we not met yet? And why do you have to make me cry so?