Well, learning sucks. Today I learned two things.

One: If you buy a Subaru and then manage to lose the keys, in your house, all alone, you can call Subaru after you have spent 6 hours straight looking for them and with only a VIN number and an ID, they will make you a shiny new key so you can just barely get your kids of to the numerous babysitters you have lined up so you can go sling drinks at a bar.

Two: You know that song, the one that says "the first cut is the deepest"? Yeah, it's a lie. The second cut isn't even so bad, but the little ones after it, like the little one when you find out at 2 in the morning that a: your husband has been indeed fooling around on you for a few years with the same chick and b: you find out said chicks name and c: said chick happens to be a really, really good friend of yours and d: that positively EVERYONE in your little circle knew, but NO ONE told you, yep, those little after-cuts hurt way, way worse.

But I learned one more thing: the 24-hours Burger King on Colfax? The one with the double cheeseburgers with lots of mayo? That makes it hurt a little less.