I'll stop procrastinating tomorrow

I skipped two whole birthdays last week. Yep, I suck. So here goes:

October 14th just so happens to be a great day for me, birthday-wise. Two of my all-time fav's came into the world that day. First up, O Jennifer, O Jenny. My old neighbor. My new coffee and cigs after we drop the kids at school buddy. Jenny is, um, is fucking awesome too strong a word? Nope, it sure ain't. Jenny smuggled a 4 pack of Guinness into the hospital the night L was born so we could celebrate properly. And then she cried like a little girl at the sight of my baby. All of this ony 3 months after we had met. Last year, we went together to some PTA thing and slammed a beer in the school parking lot before we went in. Half of the faculty saw us doing it. We're, like, notorious now and shit. Trouble-raising crazy moms. Jenny, who loathes the same people at school as I do, Jenny who used to sit out front with me drinking beer/wine/whatever was handy while we watched our kids play (sensing a theme here?), Jenny who likes the hip and the hop as much, if not more than I do, but really likes the Dead, too. Jenny who is so truly, madly, deeply in love with the Broncos that she (I kid you not) painted her front door orange. Jenny was this chick I accidentally met just because I moved into the house next door, and I think I will keep her forever. She is true-blue, a forever friend. I kinda love her.

And then there's N. You may have seen her around here. She is the wife of a boy with some very hot pants. Pants so hot, he can't fit his wallet in the pocket. Oh, N. I just run out of words for you. Maybe that's because you made me drink 500 shots last night and I'm a little groggy right now. Maybe it's because you just take my breath away. N makes the most amazingly mind-numblingly beautiful jewelry you could ever hope to see. She is freakishly artistic, funny, smart, painfully beautiful, kind, warm, a great cook and an even better friend. She is going to be a mama soon here and let me tell you, that is one seriously lucky little Chinese baby. She will be the kind of mama they write country songs about and design jailhouse tattoos on knuckles for. I also accidentally met her just because her brother has great taste in books and I had to stop him on a stoop one day and talk to him about one he was reading. A few months later, he was a godfather and I had this woman in my life, this woman I love like a sister, but more than that, because she's so totally one of my very bestest friends. We laugh alot together. We make funny faces across the table at each other. I will never, ever be without her. Ever.

So, N and Jenn. I loves you guys. I am glad you have the same birthday. I am lucky for both of you. Thanks for being my friends.