unsolicited advice

So the next time you're feeling a bit blue, know what you should do? You should get your tired ass out of bed early, go hang out with your friends for a while and then throw the kids in the car and head down to your local version of Six Flags. Ours is Six Flags Elitch Gardens, and there is a long story behind it, but I don't really care enough to tell you all about it. I care about YOU, just not the story so much. Google it. Sufficed to say that the original, family owned Elitch Gardens rocked the Kasbah and was a great place to pick up chicks. If you were 13. They had this tree that had like 50 years of bubble gum stuck to it. You were supposed to contribute every time you passed, and god knows I gave my share. I think that tree got turned into a Baby Gap or something.

Anyway, no mere mortal could have passed up 75 degrees and sunny today, and I am only that, so we went.

Fab. U. Lous.

My kids brought their best buddy and his dad and we had a glorious sort of day. The dad took the big boys on the big coasters and T and I had time to ourselves, which we spent riding kiddy coasters. The weather was great, the company fine, and life is good again. For reals.