when life hands you lemons

You should take some of them and soak them in water and sugar to make a tasty ade and then take some others and boil them with cranberries and ginger and scallions and maybe some cinnamon and curry and star anise to make a delicious chutney and then stuff a chicken full of some of them along with an orange, a couple leeks, some garlic and whatever herbs you have layin' around and then whip some of them with eggs whites and pour them over crumbled graham crackers for a sumptous dessert and then dump the rest of them down the garbage disposal because you know you need to disinfect that nasty thing already.

I like to cook. It's fun for me and a nice distraction from whatever else I have going on. I am kind of a good cook, and it gets me in trouble sometimes.

You know those size 6 pants I told you about? Yep, they fit again.