um, sorry

Well, hi, kids.

I, um, well, er...

I got nothin'. Nothing at all. Life is , calm? Yep, life is certainly calm. B has this Holocaust project due next week, so we're working on that. Cub Scouts on Thursday is featuring the Raingutter Regatta, which the boys' god-father and god-something-or-the-other, we'll say god-grandfather for reasons of simplicity, were so kind as to help them with this past week. I am betting there will be good pictures on Friday of that. L went to the doctor today for the first time in, oh, 11 months and she is indeed the smartest child on the planet and the fattest. She's petite. It's cute. And that's about it. So don't go freaking out if I don't post anything for a bit; I'm just boring right now.

Hey, two people did offer to make out with me, but they both live in far-off, distant lands and so that just makes them big fat teases. But at least they offered. That's a start, right?

Oh, I almost forgot. Naughty stories!

Hot Gay Russell once asked me to take some, um, grown-up pictures of him for a boy he was crushing on. It killed him to ask; he blushed and shuffled his feet alot and it was terribly cute and I had no choice but to help him out. Well, turns out he has this hat. This Burberry hat. This hat I am sure cost him more than I paid for my furniture. It is a handsome hat and he wanted photos in it. ONLY in it. Tee Hee. He held the hat over the good parts and we took some pictures and I was on my way.

Did I get a copy of these pictures? Nope. Jerk. I did, however, just last week, get the hat. And where did I stick it? Right on my sweet, clean, innocent baby's head. File THAT under bad momma #4, 926.