Did you know that it is National Novel Writing Month? Have you started yours yet? Andy and David and I have tried to get together already to drink the night away inspire each other to greatness, but alas, out attempts have been foiled by my litter of children and their inability to ignore cute waitresses in short skirts. Or was it big gazungas? I can't remember. Anyway, I stood them up and they oogled the waitress.

We WILL be writing this month. Sometime. Wanna join us? It will be tons of fun, or a great big hangover, but either way, we're doing it. I think I have decided to maybe not so much write a novel, but just to put my story down on paper. It's kinda tough because I am missing chunks of my memory, but I guess that's where the "novel" bit comes in hand.

Me? Embellish? NEVER!

So, I will keep you posted as to our next planned meeting and you can come by. Bring a laptop and eat some pasta first.