and now for something completely different...

...a child who knows how to converse.

I had the very distinct privilege of spending one glorious afternoon with The Kid. The Kid is who named me Mr. Lady, many many years ago. I spend most days with a varied assortment of kids, most of them spoiled rotten, most who only want to talk to you about Pokemon or what Santa is bringing them.

Today was, well, refreshing.

Allow me to share with you our conversation on the way home from his school.

Kid: "You must be an awesome mom, because you have three kids. Is it hard?"

Me: "Yeah, I guess it is sometimes. But I just love'm so much, it doesn't really feel hard. You know?"

Kid: "Yeah. I bet it gets loud sometimes, though."

Me: "It sure does, Kid, it sure does. And they smell bad most of the time. Three kids can get pretty smelly."

Kid: "I bet that's why their room is always a mess."

Me: "I bet you're right, Kid."

Kid: "L's hair got long now. You know the kids that live below me? They can't play alot. Between you and me (yes, the 6 year old said between you and me) they can never play. Like two years never."

Me: "That sucks."

Kid: "I think their mom makes them do a LOT of work."

And as we exited my pigsty I call a car, The Kid said the following...

Kid: "I stepped over the yucky old banana so I wouldn't squash it."

Me: "Thanks, dude. Sorry my car is so messy."

Half way across the street he turned around and ran back to the car.

Kid: "I have to get something."

And what did he get? That yucky old banana peel.

Kid: "Come along, Mr. Yucky banana", the Kid spoke. "It's time to meet Mr. Trash Can. After that you will get to meet Mr., um, err..."

Me: "Mr. Trash Truck?"

Kid: "Yeah! Mr. Trash Truck. And then it's off the the beautiful Trash Garden. You'll make lots of friends there."

Dude, I loves this kid. LOVES him.