early morning philosophy

B: "Mom, do you think anything is possible?"

Mom: "No, I think some things are flat out impossible."

B: "Like what?"

Mom: "Can you fly?"

B: "Not yet."

Mom: "OK. Can a pig fly? You can tape all the wings you want to a pig. It will never achieve flight. Or sing. Ain't no way a pig's ever gonna sing."

B: "Mom, I can invent a flying machine. And maybe pigs can sing. How do you know?"

Mom: "Good point. You quitting picking your nose? Impossible!"

B: "I did quit, maaaawm!"

Mom: "Dude, I saw you pick your nose yesterday."

B: "Maaawm, I quit today!"

Mom: "Sure you did, B, sure you did."

B: "See, mom, nothing's impossible."

Mom: "T listening to him mom for once? Huh? What about that one?"

B: "OK, almost nothing is impossible."