holy apocolypse, batman!

Due to my total inability to plan ahead, and coupled with an ever-growing oral fixation issue, I found it unavoidably necessary to walk up to 7-11 at 8 o'clock at night for cigarettes during a freaking blizzard.

I live a block and a half from Colfax. Colfax is the street you go to for a good, greasy burrito, pizza by-the-slice or a hooker. Colfax is always busy. Tonight, as I crossed Colfax, there was only one car to be seen in either direction--and it was broken down. There were people just walking right down the middle of the street. There were quite a few pedestrians out tonight (damn tobacco companies! We should all sue for frostbite injuries!). It was, in a word, apocalyptic.


I should also add that as I walked out the front door, I stepped into snow up to my knees. Not that I'm all super-model tall or anything, but up to my knees? Seriously? And it hasn't even begun to slow yet.

Tomorrow my kids are going to teach me how to make a snowman.

*God, I hope someone** gets that reference.

**Besides Molly, of course. I know you get it, dude.