It is exactly 2:53 in the a.m. What, pray tell, am I doing up, you ask? Taking Midol and drinking Slim Fast to avoid a nasty hang over after a great night of drinking with my wonderful friends? No, try again. Drinking a big glass of water and searching for clean jammies after a particularly long, interesting roll-in-the-hay? Can't even remember the last time that kept me up until 3! No, keep guessing. What's that? You give up? Well, let me help you out. I'm waiting for my kitchen timer to go off so I can pull my sons' birthday cake out of the stove. Because I had to fold all that damn laundry from last week and I didn't have time to bake it before I went to work and the birthday party is 10 hours away. Cakes have to cool before you frost them. So I am baking one at 3 in the morning.

I am an animal. You know you're totally jealous.