i am the best mother ever

...or quite possibly the worst mother ever. I'm not quite sure.

B was working on his spelling homework, doing the part where he has to put his spelling words into sentences. He was having trouble with "powerless". I asked him if he knew what it meant and he said that it meant "when your house was out of power, or something like that." In hopes of helping him find a new meaning for the word, I called him into his room. I sat him down on the bed and told him to pay close attention as I explain what powerless means. I then proceeded to tickle the crap out of him. As he was laughing his little butt of, I asked if he could stop me. He tried really hard to say no in between laughs. I said, "So you are what? Come on, you can figure this out. You arrrrreee....?"

When I stopped tickling him he kept right on laughing all the way out to the kitchen table, where he wrote a lovely sentence explaining how when your are being tickled and can't stop the person from tickling you, you are powerless.