pros and cons

I know, I think I am funnier than I actually am.

Anyway, the pros and cons of moving to Canada. Go ahead and freak the fuck out, Molly. It's a distinct possibility.

  • it's not Denver
  • water everywhere
  • very pretty
  • really far from my mother
  • Jen A. from high school will NEVER guess to call Canadian information to find my phone number
  • Maria O, same comment
  • get to say eh? alot
  • molsen
  • George W. someone else's problem
  • cheap drugs
  • will find out if the fleshy-headed mutant is indeed friendly
  • hockey
  • mounties are sexy
  • the whole promotion-raise-quality of life thing
  • my liberal pansy socialist state dreams will come true (according to my tight assed republican brother)
  • prime minister sounds tasty. I'll have mine medium with mashed potatoes.


  • It's really far from everyone I do like
  • I sound like an idiot when I say eh?
  • the Chinese baby is coming
  • L's godfather will miss her first steps and her first birthday
  • no friends there
  • molsen
  • matt stone and trey parker will blame me
  • flesh headed mutant may indeed turn out to be quite unfriendly
  • largest Asian population outside of China, if I heard correctly. Not a problem on its own, but the not-so-efficiently deleted cookies on my computer betray something of an obsession with Asian women on the part of someone in this house. There's a reason I don't move to the Isle of Cream Cheese and Chocolate Truffles. Temptation is a bitch.
  • winter. I have spent 14 years dreaming of moving far far away from snow and mountains. Okay, let's move to Canada!

I think that's it. Feel free to add your thoughts.