greatest blog in the world...tribute

lThis is not the greatest blog in the world, no, this is just a tribute....
(Sorry, I just saw that Jack Black's wife had a baby, and he was stuck in my head)

I think the blog is officially on hiatus. I have lots of yummy, fat baby pictures to share with you but I left my USB plug-in in Canada, so you will have to wait. And all this saying goodbye to people I love is wiping me out. I am running low on the wit. So, I will call it quits for a few weeks, but I will leave you with some lovely links to what are actually the greatest blogs in the world to read while I am away. See, that's where the tribute part comes in. Clever, eh?

The greatest mommy blogs evah... here and here
Monday morning
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A super great movie
The coolest looking blog on the face of the
And a bit of