a gestation period

The baby is nine months old now. She has now officially been out as long as she was in. Here's what she's been up to:

She is almost walking and totally dancing

She loves to be sung to, mostly Sam Cook and Ella Fitzgerald. Oh, and The Killers. The girl loves The Killers. She is a daddy's girl. Tonight, she was crying and daddy got on the phone and as soon as she heard his voice, it was all sunshine and rainbows until the big, evil momma took the phone away and then it was back to the screaming and the crying and the banging of the head into the nose of the momma. She loves her daddy.

She loves to eat. Her favorite foods are black beans, rice, green beans with brown rice (sensing a pattern here?) and me*

Yes, she is still nursing like a rock star. I think she will be a 50 something crazy old cat lady who breastfeeds. I may have to cut her off at that point. She also really likes spaghetti, which she tried tonight for the very first time.

I usually keep the spaghetti experience for the first dinner after the kids get a tooth. But after 9 months, I gave up. The kid's not getting any teeth. Know any good denture-makers?

She takes baths with her big brother. She thinks this is the single funniest event to ever befall mankind.

The last bath she took with him was the one we have been dreading. The, "Oh look at this thing I found on T that I don't have" bath. That was the last bath they will have together. It's just all awkward now.

She likes to sleep on her tummy and despite my best efforts will roll her big fat butt over every time I lay her down on her back like the book says to, because she's my baby and I have never once fallen asleep anywhere but on my tummy. She snores, because she is her daddy's baby and likes to torture me all night long. She makes this guttural moaning sound when she's really, really content that I am told I make, too.

She likes to wiggle herself out of her stroller and has gotten very quiet and fast as this. She can throw herself headfirst from her stroller to the feet of the person in front of us in line at Starbucks in no time flat, unless I duct tape, hot glue, staple, buckle and bungee her into it. She crawls all over the house, sleeps through the night when she feels like it, stares at herself in the mirror, kisses me daily, hugs her little baby giraffe and is generally luscious in every way. I like this kid.

Watching her at this age has made me think about her auntie N and her uncle D (who henceforth shall be known as Dunckie). They are adopting a little Chinese cousin for Lily and we are guessing that little Go-Go will arrive about 9 months from now, when she will be around 9 months old. I have to say, I feel like this is the perfect age to become a daughter and a parent. Right about now the baby is kind of independent. She can get around just fine by herself. What she really wants at this age is someone to watch over her. Someone to say "YEEEAAAHHH!" 50, 000 times a day, every time she falls over or eats a Cheerio or farts real loud. She wants a tour guide, a tutor, someone to show her something she hasn't seen before. She wants a cuddle when she's sleepy, a bottle when she's hungry, a face to learn. She's not so much work at this point, she's got herself all figured out and is just starting to really get interested in the things around her. Things like a mom and a dad. What a lovely time to come into the picture, right then when she's all ready for you. Right when she is ready to start making attachments to people. Right when she wants to figure out who's who in her world. This is the age when she can teach you something about herself, when it's not all guessing because she kind of already knows that she hates zerberts but really likes it when you eat her toes, or that she'll wear the sunglasses but there is no way you're putting that god damn hat on her head.

Watching Lily makes me flat-out rejoice for my friends. They have no idea how happy their lives are about to become. I am filled with joy for them as they begin their gestation period. So congrats to the both of you. I can't wait to see you become a momma and a daddy. It's going to be fun.

*Those are not my actual boobies. Come on now, I have nursed three, count them, onetwoTHREE, children. Those could only be my boobies with a few thousand dollars, a good surgeon and some air-brushing. My boobies look more like something out of National Geographic.