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We move tomorrow to our house. Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, are we ever ready to sleep in our own beds and sit on our own couches. I, personally, would just really like to be able to listen to some of my cd's. Josh brought his, I did not. There's only so much bad 80's punk a girl can take.

Yesterday, we were sitting in the grass just hanging out and Lily was busily trying to eat the wheel of T's scooter when she suddenly looked up and smiled the most angelic, perfect little smile I have ever seen. It was one of those "daddy can I have a pony" sort of smiles that no mere mortal could resist. I looked around to see what she was so happy about and behind me I found two tourists taking pictures of each other. My 9 month old daughter poses for cameras. Ham. I really should think about giving her some time every day when there isn't a camera in her face. Or an agent.

(I should warn you, this one's pg-13. Kind of like I should've warned you about the boobies.) The other day I was putting away some laundry while T and Lily played in the living room. B's door was pushed almost all the way shut, so I only had to nudge it to get it open. I walked in with a pile of clothes and walked right into the thing I have been pretending I would never walk in on. My first-born son, my precious little butter love, has evidently found out how certain things on his body work. Because I only had to bump the door to get it open and because he was so engrossed in what he was doing under his covers, he did not hear me come in the room. I backed out of his room, pulled the door shut slowly, took a deep breath, gagged a little, shed a tear and then knocked on his door. A few seconds later I hear a muffled, "Come in!" A wide-eyed little man greeted me like he had just been knitting scarves for Jesus. I got on with the putting away of laundry and as I turned to leave a minute later, I saw that he was back under his blankets, right back to the business at hand*. I cough, "*cough*", and take my leave. His daddy is going to have to have the talk with him.

I am so not ready for this.

*Nothing in my world is too sacred for a good pun. Nothin'.

Update: I was having a really hard time figuring out how I could write this huge, thoughtful post complete with full frontal nudity and still only get 4 comments on it. But not only did David have something to say, he devoted one whole post just to me and my little blog.