lies and other happy news

Because long, coherent thoughts are still a little ways off for me...

My car will be here on Monday or Tuesday. Sooo excited. It has been so long since I've driven a car that the other day when I borrowed the very nice neighbor's car to go get diapers, I totally forgot about, um, looking before I changed lanes. Wickedly embarrassing. So if you were driving down Gaglardi about 4 in the afternoon the other day and got super pissed of at crazy blond chick in the mini-van, sorry dude. My bad.

Does your kid have any buzz words that let you know instantly that he has done something very, very naughty? Like when T says accidentally?

Example: T is in the shower. Shower stops, silence, silence, crash, silence. Hmmm...silence. CRASH. Silence, muffled cry, wailing cry. Screaming. I enter the bathroom to find a naked boy and a towel rack on the floor. As I am checking for blood and thinking, "Poor thing, the mean old towel rack fell off and cluncked his pretty little head", I ask what happened. In between sobs he squeaks out, "I accidentally pulled that off!" And that, my friends, is when the warning flags went up. "You WHAT?" "I accident..." "Oh stop it. What really happened?"

I ask this knowing full well what the answer is. In T's world, "accidentally" and "while pretending to repel down Mt. Everest" mean about the same thing. The exact thing, in this case.

What about your kids? Any good ones?