goooooo Tigers!

Allow me to gush for a minute, if you will, about the world's greatest 14-year-old...
(and it's not even his birthday)

My nephew is 14. Since he was able to talk, he's been saying "football". He has always dreamed of playing in the NFL. Luckily enough for him, he ended up being really, really good at the game. Seriously, he has recruiters with their eyes on him already. He is entering his freshman year in high school this fall and after last week at football camp he has qualified for first string on the varsity team. The boy, he rocks.

Of course, he is fourteen years old, so he's a royal pain to his mother and stepdad, but he will still sit on the phone with his boring old auntie for an hour. He is sweet and kind to his cousins. He's lovely and I rejoice that I get to share his life with him.

We just got a package from his momma in the mail yesterday and she included some of his team tee shirts for us. So, just in case you were wondering, here's what we're going to look like every SundaySundaySunday during football season: