hope you don't have any abandonment issues

Remember, the other day, when I was all like "I love you guys" and most of you were all like "oh, baby, you da MAN!"

Please try to remember that this week while I abandon you entirely. You see, Andy has asked me for this huge favor. The ignore your own blog and send all your traffic over to mine while you guest blog for me favor. What he has failed to remember is that a) this blog isn't so very good most of the time and b) though you are loyal and I totally want to buy you all drinks and make out with you in the parking lot after, your numbers are few and he may not so much notice a huge jump in traffic.

But I will oblige. Because he said I was pretty. And smart. And I'm easy like that.

So, for the next week, you will find me here. Please please please come visit me. I'll be all alone and playing with the big boys. And say hi for Christ's sake. I can't actually see any of you, you know.