whoops, sorry about that

Don't you just LOVE it when you're in the middle of a blog post and right as you get set to take out the wrong picture that you uploaded and correct a bunch of typo's, your computer who just got a spankin' new hard drive decides to freeze up on you, forcing you to frantically try (in vain) to get back into your blog to fix your embarrassing mistakes, only then to hear a knock on the door and upon answering it find the new kid your husband just hired to be his assistant manager whom you have promised the use of you computer whilst he is is town at your door to collect that very computer, leaving you hanging with a very shoddy blog post? I love it when that happens. Thank god almost no one actually reads this.

So, I think it's all fixed. Today we spent the day in historic Gastown, a beautiful cobblestoned part of the city. We saw the steam clock and went to Storyeum. There is a B.C. exhibit and a dinosaur exhibit. We are saving the B.C. one for when Josh can join us and so we only visited the dinosaur exhibit today. Which is f*ing cool. There are several dinosaurs displayed that are 80% pure fossil. They have a life-sized, moving, roaring T-Rex that kind of jumps out at you during a lecture by the resident paleontologist. It was a great time. The kids bought replica dinosaur teeth and then we stopped at a Chinese folk-art exhibition in the lobby of the museum and had the kids' names drawn up in Chinese calligraphy with symbols they chose - T chose lucky and B chose happy. We all agreed L had to have love on hers.

This really is an amazing city. You should come visit.