since tuesday

Really, it's been that long? Hmmm, let's check, (scroll down, scroll down) yep. Since Tuesday. Well, kind of a lot has happened since Tuesday. Let's see:
  • I had a complete nervous breakdown
  • I said very, very nasty things to a complete stranger
  • I think I ran up an insane impressive phone bill
  • My daughter is almost walking
  • She said "mama", and actually meant ME!
  • She also waves bye-bye and ni-night, but not it that order
  • I went on a talking-to-my-husband hiatus
  • I said goodbye to a dear old friend
  • I ripped the spiggot off the bathtub
  • The baby got her first shower
  • I fell in love. With Mozilla.
  • I am almost down 10 lbs.
  • I bought my tickets to Vegas and Denver
  • I found my new cell phone. The cell phone. The one I've been waiting for. I shall call him Armundo. Maybe Arturo. I can't decide. But he will be mine.
Let me say that again. I. Got. My. Car. It was an epic saga complete with insults, swordplay and a catchy soundtrack by John Williams. I laughed, I cried, I hurled. e-rocks. I hurled e-rocks. And today, at 2ish, I drove my car away from customs.

I will tell you the story later. I may also tell you about the extreme shopping I did after I picked the car up. Dude, my husband's gonna kill me. But I don't care. I'll die transported.

I may also share the bad news the mechanic gave me. This will be a long, heart-breaking tale. It will make you wish you were my shiny new Canadian mechanic. It will make you glad you are not my bank account.

I hope I remember to tell you about my last bus rides, how rude the one driver was, how not rude and very dreamy the other driver was, the fist-fight, the bike-tossing, the security guards...oh, it was great.

I will definetly show you pictures of T on his purty new bike he got today. That is, I will show you pictures as soon as I buy a new camera. My old, deceased friend? Yep, my poor little digital camera has shuffled off this mortal coil. Maybe she was old, maybe she didn't like baby drool as much as we all thought she would. But she's gone, none the less. Lurker_peg, as president of the baby-in-the-upper-right-hand-corner club, you are officially in charge of collecting donations for the new camera so I can keep up with your Lily-fix. We don't want you DT'ing on us, now do we?

I will certainly tell you all the juicy plans we have for Las Vegas and then I will sheepishly tell you how I am blowing off almost every single person I have known for the past 14 years to spend a, well, fabulous weekend with a bunch of people I have not known for the past 14 years. MollaGe, you will be getting a phone call. We need to make some plans. I am at your disposal for one night.

But for right now, I will tell you one thing wears a sista out. I am going ni-night.