this can't be happening

In two months, in eight short weeks from today, my precious little tulip will have a chocolate birthday cake smashed up her nose.


How is this true? This tiny little thing will be a number? We were just getting in the groove of being Zero. Now this One stuff?

I was holding her tonight, eating her delicious toesie-wosies when it hit me.
  • My daughter, in 61 days, will turn one.
  • If she turns one, she's bound to turn two


  • If she turns two, she's gonna go to kindergarden
  • If she goes to kindergarten, she's going to go to high school
  • If she goes to high school, she's going to go to college


  • If she goes to college, she's going to get a boyfriend
  • If she gets a boyfriend, I'm going to be a grandma.

*wailing and gnashing of teeth*

It goes so fast. It goes so very fast.