lest I forget

Tonight, if you don't have a hot date or a chat room or anything, you should swing by.

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 5.5

Friday, August 25, 2006
Minturn Saloon Moon Time Bar
Pseudo-Centrally Located
846 Broadway | Denver, Colorado

It would help to be in Denver, too. I forget that only 85 3/7% of the blogosphere is out of Denver sometimes. It's true, just ask the Retropolitan. He'll tell ya.

Anyway, it should be good fun. If you buy Andy enough shots, he'll tell you all about how I make his heart go pitter-pat. Rae will be there, too. She has super-hot knees. I will not be there. Maybe I will get snot-slingin' drunk at home all by myself in honor of it, though. Maybe I'll call you, all drunk, if I do!