the greatest gift of all

Today is my sister in law, Rachael's, thirtysomethingith birthday. To celebrate, I took my kids out to the (1/2 hour away from us on the bus) mall, where we did some birthday shopping for the other sister in law (whoops) and bought some jeans that will fit over my fat ass and then went to see Monster House.

Monster House is fucking scary. Don't take your toddler. My kids were fine, but Lily, who loves her a good movie, cried through the whole thing. It was good, to be sure, but it made me jump a few times. Betcha there's gonna be a kid or two in mommy's bed tonight.

Anyway, Rachael is, well, an usual woman to say the least. She has a ton of tattoos, has a thing for black leather and is opening a very, very grown up sort of club in her home town. She is no prude. So you can imagine her delight that today, Lily strung together this "sentence", if you will.

bah bah la lalala la she she shoow shit shoow she nanana bah bo

She couldn't have been happier if she'd won the lotto.