fats, domino

Ever seen a fat Dalmation? Neither had I. Not until I met Domino. Domino, this dog here:

...well, Domino kinda rocks. He is, um, big boned. To see him run is almost the funniest thing you could ever do. It makes you understand what they mean when they say lumbering. He used to love to run after my little rat dog. Domino (as you can kind of see above) is a very stylish dog. He proudly sports his Burberry collar for all to see, and doesn't care that the other dogs tease him for being so damn metrosexual. Thanks to some good anesthesia, a scalpel and a neck-cone thingy, he really isn't much of anything-sexual anymore. And he doesn't care.

Domino is viciously protective of his very VERY hot owner, Russell. If you happened to stumble into Russell's apartment all drunk hoping to, I don't know, catch him naked or something*, Domino would not think twice about licking and licking and licking you until the sheer joy stopped your beating heart. If that didn't work, he would certainly not be above bombarding you with soft, fluffy toys that would give you no choice but to play with him until you collasped from exhaustion. That's loyality.

Thunda-Russell used to have a job that took him out of town frequently. Domino used to have a sock-eating obsession. I have always held that Domino only ate the socks when left with a sitter, and then only to see the look on the sitters face the next day when a full, undigested athletic sock popped out an inappropriate orafice filled with unmentionable things. I have had the privilege of witnessing this, and I assure you, it scars. For life. Domino must have thought it beyond hilarious.

Anyway, my point here is that the bad hip and the 13 long years finally caught up with my dear friend. The Alzheimer's took him, just like it wil take you, and he moved on to greener, more celestial pastures the other day.

Let's all take a moment for Domino, the single coolest dog ever to walk the Earth. Goodbye, old friend. May you dream of large bitches.

*not that I would ever do anything like that. But, I hear this guy might.