the times, they are a'changin

Today I was checking the old email and looked over just in time to catch a glimpse of the baby who was scaling the entertainment center thingy. The baby, she climbs. I guess it's time to start child-proofing the house.

As if climbing isn't enough, she's starting to babble. It's still all "dadda daddada da" followed by the big eyes with the eyelashes and the buy me a pony look, of course. She's got this daddy's girl thing in the bag. Occasionally, if I can supply milk or, god forbid, am holding the remote, I will get a "MA!"

And speaking of milk, guess what else she's doing? Weaning, that's what.

Guys, go look at the Home Depot website or some porn. Chick talk commencing in three, two, one...

She seems to have decided that I am only of use to her as a comfort-boob. She demands hotdogs and cheerios and apple slices and popsicles all day long now. She doesn't even nurse in the morning anymore. Oddly enough, this has coincided with the return of, *last chance to get out of here guys*, the dreaded period. It is back with a vengeance.

I have never nursed a child longer than 5 months. Therefore, I have always held the unsubstantiated idea that when the period comes back, it is your bodies signal that the baby does not need your services anymore and perhaps you should get back to the making of the babies already. (For you men who have toughed it out this far (Dunkie) let me fill you in. When you nurse, you do not ovulate. If you do not ovulate, you do not menstruate. It is a womans body's way of protecting her baby. If you were to have another baby, the one you just had would not be able to nurse anymore, so your body keeps you from getting pregnant again. Sheer brilliance, really.) Of course, I only held this notion until recently, when I actual had some experience in this area. The Period has been trying to return for a few months now and I have been adamant about continuing to nurse for one full year, no matter what biology throws my way. But this week, as my body has finally returned to its normal, very fertile self, the baby has, all on her own, shown less and less interest in me. (As a food source. She still claws at my ankles until I eat her belly. I'm not getting off that easily just yet.) And to my surprise, my body has responded quite favorably. I do not wake up on the morning with boobs up to my chin full of milk and I have only once or twice this past week felt "full".

So, I think she may be all done. It makes me sad in a way. Every day she is getting more independent, but I have enjoyed this one thing that only I can do for her. I am hopeful that she will continue to nurse before naps and bedtime until she turns one. Or at least until I go to Vegas. Then she can go wean all she wants.