Shhh, I have a secret to tell you. I don't know HOW to tell you, but I kinda have to. It's killing me. So, here goes...

*deep breath*

I'm not in Canada. I am about as not in Canada as you can get. I am in Phoenix. It's 62 in Vancouver today. It's 105 in Phoenix.

You know the one word you never, ever want to hear a few weeks after you haul your family and everything you own to the next closest country?

Relapse, that's what. Wagons are nasty things to fall off of.

So, here I am. I am learning all kinds of new things, like what wolf spiders look like, what sorts of features are important to me in an apartment and whcih drive-thru's in Vegas offer a cheeseburger with your divorce.

I will get back to the blogging as soon as I can manage a coherent thought (read: as soon as I can put down the margarita and walk away from the pool, or as soon as I can figure out how to get my laptop to use a wireless connection).

I miss you. I really do. I'll be right back....

*Aww, you all think I'm in VEGAS, don't you? No, we had to cancel that trip. See, I'm kind of busy and shit, what with the whole single mother thing. Molly, MAD props to you.