the best laid plans...

This was supposed to be Vegas week. Tuesday, I was supposed to get a ridiculously sexy tattoo on my back. Wednesday, we were supposed to have dinner at Mortons and then gamble a bit. Yesterday was supposed to be drunk-at-the-pool day, followed by dinner at N9NE and drinks at Ghostbar for Jenny's birthday. Instead, I am in a perpetual H.I. McDunnough loop.

Today was "go to Denver" day. In a few hours my plane was supposed to land. I was hoping to go to Nallen's with Molly. I was supposed to see my friend, ASYB'er, and her family. There were supposed to be hugs and kisses and stuff. If I close my eyes, I can smell them. I miss them that bad. We were all supposed to head up to the mountains for a wedding and a night away. It would have been terribly fun to be stuck in the mountains, knowing only those 5 people, my favorite 5 people (one of which has really hot pants*) for a weekend. I was really looking forward to it.

Oh well. I think I was mostly just looking forward to the hug. ASYB'er gives a great hug. I could use one. We could get into some of the other things I could probably really use, but this is a family forum and so I digress.

So, let's all do go something fabulous this weekend to make up for my abandoned vacation. I, for one, am drinking by the pool this weekend. Maybe someday I'll go to Detriot.

*sorry, Dunkie. It's just never not going to be funny.