thirty *cough* seven

Dude, my sister in law turned 37 today. That fucking freaks me out. That means that I am going to be 37 fairly soonish. Yikes.

So, yes, today is Jenny's birthday. We pulled my nephew out of football an hour early, picked his friend up

We baked her a cake,

got her some pretties from Victoria's Secret and that goddamn Kelly Clarkson CD that is speaking to my 13 year old soul right now and had ourselves a merry little birthday party.

Happy birthday, honey. Thanks for taking me in and taking my kids in. Thanks for smacking me upside the head last week and pulling me back to reality. Thanks for supporting me through all this, even though I am about to break your brother's heart. Thanks for being the only person alive who is just as or possibly more white trash than I am. Thanks for making me drink margaritas at noon almost every day. Thanks for being constistenly there for me, through 3 kids, through a shitty marriage, through heartbreak and through laughter and through growing up and through more clothes sizes than I can believe myself. Thanks for always having a valium handy when I need it. Thanks for listening to Megadeth with me more than we should. Thanks for E.J.D., my beautiful nephew, that boy that I love like he was my own. Thanks for being silly and pretty and funny and all of those great things that you do so well.

And thanks for still smoking, even if you smoke those Barbie tampon things. And thanks for pretending that you don't notice that I've been stealing one or two occasionally.

And now, for your viewing pleasure.....

long overdue baby pictures taken on my shiny new camera that the greatest two people on the face of the planet sent to me the other day. You know who you are, and your rock my world.