I have only had 2 boyfriends in my whole life. One I was engaged to, one I married. I have had a few, um, "friends" along the way. In the in-between times, you know. Anyway, my point. I had NEVER been dumped. I have done some dumping myself, and always first, in a desperate sort of beat-him-to-it way.

I got dumped tonight. Very, very dumped. Over the phone.

And just when it couldn't get any worse, he did it again. In my email box.

Shit hurts, yo.

I would like to take this opportunity to e-apologize to Funny Ol' Becker, who doesn't even know I have a blog, but whom I dumped in the meanest, cruelest sort of teenage bitchy way I could manage. Dude, I feel your pain. I am totally sorry.