crikey doesn't even BEGIN to cover it

Not that we all didn't see this coming, oh, a mile away or so, but T's hero, perhaps T's god, Steve Irwin, has shuffled off this mortal coil.
Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the "Crocodile Hunter," was killed Monday by a stingray during a diving expedition, Australian media said. He was 44.

Irwin was filming an underwater documentary on the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Queensland state when the accident occurred, Sydney's The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on its Web site.

Ever seen that TV show he had, The Crocodile Hunter? It was pretty dang good, if you ask me. It got my kids to turn off the damn stoner network for a minute and put something useful in their heads. It gave us some good, quiet time together. And though watching that moron the dearly departed sticking his head in crocodile's mouths and shit made me cringe all the way to my toes, it was kind of, well, intriguing. Fascinating, even. I bet he was a cool ass dad. I bet he never once said, "No, son, that's far too dangerous."

So, peace out, Steve. I am sad for you, and your family, and I hope you died living your dream.

Update of creepy proportions: David J and I somehow managed to blog about the exact same thing at the exact same time, and now I am a little bit scared. Scared of David, scared of Steve's apparent beyond the grave skills at magic. I'm going to go turn on all the lights now.