is this even a holiday in Canada?

Indeed, it is! Happy Labour day from Canada, your big cousin to the north! I hope you have great plans for the day, eh? We intend to do not much more than lounge about on the Chesterfield, maybe walk around the neighbourhood. We do have to go to the store, so I had better find my cheque book so I can write a cheque. The grocery store is in this cute little shopping centre, so maybe we'll wandered around a bit. Maybe check out the tyre centre. My poor car's tyres are all wore down and could sure use to be replaced. After breakfast, of course. We're going to have some porridge with butter and brown sugar. Deee-licious! It's a great breakfast, eh?

I am home alone with the kids today (again) and if they don't start school soon, I may start drinking. Not a lot, mind you, maybe just a mickey I can slip in my purse. You know, a little something to tide me over. Tonight, I do get to get away for just enough time to head over to my meeting at A.A., eh?


No, A.A., eh?
What are you saying? A.A.A.? What's that? I'm talking about A.A., eh?

Uh oh, I'd better go. There's a curious odour coming from someone's bottom.

(this post alternately entitled Canadians talk funny, write funny and my spell check program HATES them)

*a mixtape goes to the first person who gets all the grammatical/spelling oddities correct. No, you can't trade for yummy maple syrup. Everyone did that at Andy's site already.