naughty, or nice?

So, tonight we are hosting an Open House at the boys' school before Choice ends in February. We have snacks and tea and shit for the new parents and give them tours through the school. It's exhausting and kind of a pain in the ass, but our school has been in the news quite a bit lately and this is easier than giving 5, 374 indivdual tours (which we will do anyway, because you are special and your child is exceptional, of course).

We all have a little role to play in the making-the-open-house-work thing. Mine is to provide dinner for the teachers who are staying really late to be there for the tours. Our teachers, they rock.

My question is this: Is it wrong, and should I inform anyone, that I dumped and entire bottle of Black Ale and a few cups of a very nice Zinfandel into the pot of scrum-diddly-icious chili I made for the staff and will bring into the school tonight?