on the new year

So, I have this friend named Molly. She has a little blog. She also has this friend named Sarah. And now I have her, too.

Sarah and I have been stalking each other on the internet for a while. This is nothing new; I stalk lots of people on the internet. The new thing is that I not only met her, I kinda got shitfaced drunk with her.

I had this great big long post all typed with in-depth details of our late-night meeting, but it kind of made us all sound like crazy drunks, so I deleted it. Rest assured, there was whiskey and Veuve Yellow label, there was The Roots, Erykah Badu and Radiohead, there was dancing and serious talk of old shared boyfriends, and at way-too-late:30 we all realized that there should probably also be bedtime. And then there was a sleepover.

My last morning of this horrible year was spent with good friends. Coffee and Ibuprofen comprised our final breakfast of 2006. Sarah met L, Sarah loved L, I met Sarah, I LOVE Sarah. Molly puked, but that's L's fault for eating old congealed ham and cheese sandwiches in front of her. And I love her for it. SOMEONE had to puke. Way to take one for the team, Molls.

I am happy that I know what Sarah looks like now. Finally I can stop e-stalking her and do it up proper. In person. Mmmmm.

I am happy to have a new friend, a real-life new friend, and new friend that feels like a really, good old friend.

I am happy that my friends and Molly's friend are starting to intertwine. Did I ever tell you that MY friend Nicole and MOLLY'S friend Sarah totally went to high school together? Ahh, circles and how they can grow.

My new years resolution is to develop my relationships with my girlfriends. I have a great circle of truly amazing women in my life and I don't spend nearly enough time with any of them. Nicole, we are SO going to The Roots. It's, like, a date, yo. I may take you to dinner first. I may also try to make out with you after. Be warned. Molly, we are doing lots more of this, this being friends and not just co-moms thing. I miss it. I miss it with you. Oh, and Sarah, how am I supposed to live without you?* Just move back to Denver, already.

So here's to a New Year. Here's to a year that's going to be done right. I hope yours is good. Who knows, maybe I'll meet you, too.

*Hey, if it works for Michael Bolton...